Infection Rates of Aedes Triseriatus Following Ingestion of La Crosse Virus by the Larvae

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  • Departments of Entomology and Veterinary Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
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Infection rates ranged from 0–2.1% in adults of Aedes triseriatus reared from groups of larvae that had ingested La Crosse (LAC) virus (California encephalitis group) at dosages of 7.0–8.3 log10 SMICLD50/ml. Females resulting from orally infected larvae transmitted the virus to suckling mice. Larvae that devoured carcasses of transovarially infected larvae containing 3.0 log10 SMICLD50/ml failed to become infected. Ingestion by larvae of infected carcasses appears, therefore, to be unimportant as a method of horizontal amplification of LAC virus.