Ippy (IPPY)

Strain: Dak An B 188 d

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  • Institut Pasteur, B.P. 304, Cayenne, French Guiana
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Information from: J. P. Digoutte, Institut Pasteur, B.P. 304, Cayenne, French Guiana, 30 May 1975.

Antigenic group: Ungrouped.

Original source: Isolated by J. P. Digoutte and F. X. Pajot at Institut Pasteur, Bangui, from pooled liver, spleen, and brain tissues of adult male Arvicanthis trapped alive on 26 June 1970 in Ippy, Central African Republic, Let. 6°15'N, Long. 76°35'W. Habitat: Savannah with forest gallery. Storage: Tissue stored in liquid nitrogen, then in electrical deep freezeat -75°C.

Method of isolation in laboratory: Tissues ground in Hanks' solution containing bovine albumin and antibiotics. Suspension inoculated 0.02 ml ic, ip, and sc in 1-day-old mice on 10 August 1970.

Validity of isolation: Virus reisolated.

Properties of virus: Physical: Virus filterable through Millipore 220 nm. Chemical: No data. Resistance to chemicals: Sensitive to chloroform; control titer 105, after-treatment titer <102. Antigenic: Detection of a hemagglutinin was not attempted.