Larvae of Anisakidae in Marine Fish of Coastal Waters near Jakarta, Indonesia

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  • Department of Parasitology and General Pathology, University of Indonesia School of Medicine, and National Institute of Oceanology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Jakarta, Indonesia

Three species of marine fish were collected from the waters around Seribu Islands, near Jakarta, Indonesia, and examined for nematode larvae of the family Anisakidae. Larvae were found in 719 (49%) of 1,459 Rastrelliger kanagurta, 445 (50%) of 884 Decapterus russelli, and 217 (41%) of 531 Sardinella sirm. Larvae from a subsample of 150 infected fish, 44 R. kanagurta, 86 D. russelli, and 20 S. sirm, were examined microscopically and only Anisakis type I and Terranova type B larvae were found. In all three species of fish the Anisakis larvae predominated. The Anisakis larvae found in these fish are a potential source of infection for humans in Indonesia; however, human anisakiasis has not yet been reported from this country.