Introductory Remarks

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  • Division of Geographic Medicine, Department of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio 44106

When John David and I were planning this symposium, with the able help of Franklin Neva, Allen Cheever, and Irving Delappe, we attempted to select the participants from among the best of those now working on the Immunology of Parasitic Infections. Obviously, two principal disciplines were involved, immunology and parasitology, and most of the participants began their careers in one or the other of these disciplines. This was emphasized by a recent correspondence I had with Professor John Humphrey of the Royal Postgraduate Medical School who is now working on the immunopathogenesis of malaria. In his letter he modestly disclaimed the title of “parasitological immunologist;” in my reply, I said if he wasn't a parasitological immunologist (PI) I wasn't an immunological parasitologist (IP). Subsequently, in going over the list of participants it appears that the planning committee must have had this distinction in the back of their minds as there was an almost equal division into 13 PIs and 15 IPs.

Author Notes

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