Water, Wastes and Health in Hot Climates

edited by Richard Feachem, Michael McGarry, and Duncan Mara. xvi + 399 pages, illustrated. John Wiley & Sons, London, New York, Sydney, Toronto. 1977. $22.95

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  • Environmental Health Engineering School of Hygiene and Public Health The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 21205

Water supply and sanitation are two subjects that are receiving high level international attention in recent years. The HABITAT Conference in May–June 1976 held up a target for the provision of water with realistic standards for quantity and quality for urban and rural areas by 1990 throughout the world, and for each country of the UN to adopt and accelerate programs for the sanitary disposal of excreta and wastewater in urban and rural areas. In March 1977 the UN Water Conference was held in Argentina, where the WHO/IBRD paper entitled Community Water Supply and Sanitation: Strategies for Development was one of many documents forming the bases of discussions. This book is, therefore, very timely and extremely valuable appearing at this time.

Many countries in the hot climatic areas of the world have had experience with technology inappropriate for the solution of their water supply and sanitation problems. The transfer of sophisticated technology from industrialized countries to developing countries has often resulted in monuments to the technologists' stupidity.