The Immunology of Schistosoma mansoni Infection: Workshop Report

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  • University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University and The Veterans Administration Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19174
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An informal workshop designed to explore recent advances in the immunology of schistosomiasis was held on 12 November 1975, in conjunction with the meetings of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and American Society of Parasitologists. This workshop was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Elvio H. Sadun, providing an open forum for the presentation of recent advances in, and definition of areas of critical concern for, the immunologic study of Schistosoma mansoni. The following report represents a brief synopsis of this meeting.

The workshop was originally suggested during the meeting in Bellagio, which was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. Scientists at the meeting were invited to participate in this workshop and mold its format. In this report, the inclusion of certain investigators and exclusion of others simply reflects the voluntary nature of the workshop.