Doctors and Healers

by A. Dorozynski. 63 pages, illustrated. International Development Research Centre, Box 8500, Ottawa, Canada K1G 3H9. 1975. Microfiche Edition $1.00

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  • New York City Department of Health Departments of Medicine and Public Health Cornell University Medical College, New York, New York 10021

This monograph brings into sharp focus the multiplicity of problems which exist in primary health care delivery in the developing areas of the world. Basic to these problems is the perpetuation in many countries of inherited colonial systems of health care. These, by reason of their emphasis on high technical standards, the training of physician-specialists and the establishment of expensive curative medical facilities, often fail to meet the health care needs of most of the people.

It is aimed at a heterogenous audience and is written in an easy to understand and flowing style. In the first few chapters the author presents the problems of training physicians in the third world and their distribution and appropriateness to the major medical problems. Against a background discussion of the major health problems, he illustrates why physicians may in fact be overqualified for the needs of most of the people.