Medical and Economic Malacology

by Emile A. Malek and Thomas C. Cheng. x + 398 pages, iilustrated. Academic Press, Inc., 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10003, 1974. $29.00

George M. Davis Department of Malacology the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 19th and the Parkway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

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The time is ripe for a text book which serves the medical and economic fields within malacology. Obvious topics of concern to both parasitological and shellfish culture programs are molluscan genetics, hematology, pathology, etc. It is thus a pleasure to see this volume which has grown from important forerunners which dealt primarily in descriptive-taxonomic malacology, e.g., Bequaert (1928), “Mollusks of importance in human and veterinary medicine” (Am. J. Trop. Med., 8: 165–182; 215–232); Abbott (1948), “Handbook of Medically Important Mollusks” (Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., Harvard, 100(3): 243–328); Malek (1962), Laboratory Guide and Notes for Medical Malacology (Burgess Publ. Co.).

The book contains 15 chapters, nine of which update the content of Malek (1962). Valued additions cover topics of pathogens of medically and economically important mollusks, hematology, internal defense mechanisms, parasite-induced pathology, and a review of molluscan tissue culture. The various chapters provide an excellent source for reference seekers, especially to the collected works of Cheng and of Malek.

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