Massive Development of Amebas in the Large Intestine

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Amebas have been observed so seldom in the large intestine of man that even R. Leuckart, a thorough and experienced parasitologist doubted their existence and considered the only previously published case (by Lambl) to have been an example of abnormal cellular forms mistaken for amebas. The case at hand, which I had the opportunity to observe during the course of several months in Prof. Eichwald's clinic, therefore, is of great interest.

Case history. J. Markow, a 24-year-old farmer from the Archangel territory, was admitted to the clinic 3 November 1873. According to his statement, he came to the capitol for the first time in the summer of 1871, looking for work; while there, he became ill with a stubborn, violent diarrhea which continued for several months and finally weakened him so that he was unable to sit up in bed. In this condition he was sent home where the diarrhea diminished slowly and his general condition improved; yet, in the beginning of 1872, he was still so weak that he was found unfit for military service.