Experimental Infections with African Trypanosomes

II. Immunization of Mice and Monkeys with a Gamma-Irradiated, Recently Isolated Human Strain of Trypanosoma rhodesiense

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  • Department of Medical Zoology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C. 20012
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A recently isolated human strain of Trypanosoma rhodesiense (EATRO No. 1886) from Uganda was infective for mice and rhesus monkeys. Mice receiving two or three immunizing inoculations of gamma-irradiated trypanosomes were markedly protected from a challenge infection of 1,000 unirradiated organisms 1 week after immunization. Complete protection from a challenge infection was induced in 5 of 6 monkeys given six immunizing inoculations with irradiated trypanosomes. Conversely, the five unimmunized controls became patent 5 to 8 days after challenge with 10,000 unirradiated organisms, showed signs of progressive severe illness, and died between 12 and 49 days after challenge.