Books Received

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Auxiliaries in Health Care. Programs in Developing Countries, by N. R. E. Fendall. xiii + 200 pages, illustrated. Published for the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation by the Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. 1972. $9.00.

Canine Heartworm Disease. The Current Knowledge, edited by Richard E. Bradley assisted by Guillermo Pacheco. Proceedings of the Second University of Florida Symposium on Canine Heartworm Disease. x + 148 pages, illustrated. University of Florida Press, 15 NW 15th Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601. 1972. $12.00.

Health and Disease in Rural Afghanistan, by Alfred A. Buck, Robert I. Anderson, Kazuyoshi Kawata, I. Willard Abrahams, Ronald A. Ward, and Tom T. Sasaki. xiv + 231 pages, illustrated. York Press, Inc., 101 East 32nd Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. 1972. $12.00.

Tropical Sprue and Megaloblastic Anaemia. Wellcome Trust Collaborative Study, 1961–1969. xii + 318 pages, illustrated. The Williams & Wilkins Company, 428 E. Preston Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. 1972. $18.00.