Six Decades of Service

The Tropical Diseases Bulletin 1912–1972

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This year the Tropical Diseases Bulletin (TDB) will be 60 years old. One of the earliest of medical abstracting periodicals, it was created to succeed the Sleeping Sickness Bulletin (founded in 1908) and the Kala Azar Bulletin (1911). The Sleeping Sickness Bulletin had been sponsored by the British Government in the face of the great epidemic of that disease which for some years had ravaged Uganda and nearby African countries. There was international agreement that information on the subject should be collected and made widely available, but there was no agreement on details. The British and Sudan Governments therefore decided to finance a Bureau, later to be given the name of the Bureau of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases, in London to collect and publish relevant information and soon the Governments of Dominions and Colonies contributed to the expenses.

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