Management and Treatment of Tropical Diseases

edited by B. G. Maegraith and H. M. Gilles, School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool. xvi + 786 pages, illustrated. F. A. Davis Company, 1915 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. 1972. $26.50

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  • School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

In these days when postal services appear to be deteriorating the world over anyone who has participated in the organizing and editing of a medical book by multiple contributing authors must be impressed by the success achieved by Drs. Maegraith and Gilles. Chapters by 44 experts from many different parts of the world are surprisingly up-to-date. A few typographical errors are excusable in return for what must have been unusually rapid production of an authoritative work.

The editors in their introductory remarks waste little space on the fact that some critics will continue to quibble over the propriety of the term “Tropical Diseases.” What is presented in the pages that follow is most of what the physician must know whether he is in a temperate zone clinic treating a patient who has acquired a disease in the tropics or is treating patients in a tropical dispensary.

The practicality of the information presented is especially impressive and leaves the reader with the conviction that the authors are basing their remarks on review of their patient records rather than of the literature.