Foreign Travel Immunization Manual

by Hans H. Neumann, Department of Health, New Haven, Connecticut. ix + 56 pp., paper bound. Charles C Thomas, 301–327 East Lawrence Avenue, Springfield, Illinois. 1971. $3.75

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  • School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

The U. S. Public Health Service publication Immunization Information for International Travel has not been published since 1967 and has been missed by health officials and physicians responsible for advising travelers. The Foreign Travel Immunization Manual partially fills this gap. This small looseleaf booklet seems to have been directed to the traveler himself rather than to his medical advisor. It therefore provides some information about health conditions in addition to immunization requirements for the various countries although it is not as detailed in this regard as Health Hints for the Tropics. On the other hand, it provides no technical information regarding vaccines.

While the orientation is acceptable it fails to inform the traveler with regard to some matters. For example, the layman will get the impression that diphtheria presents no risk to the adult traveler. In fact field workers in under-developed countries may find themselves in communities with high diphtheria endemicity and would be well advised to take tetanus-diphtheria boosters instead of plain tetanus.