Parasitology (Protozoology and Helminthology) in Relation to Clinical Medicine

by K. D. Chatterjee. xviii + 226 pages, illustrated. Seventh Edition, K. D. Chatterjee, 6 Amrita Banerjee Road, Calcutta -26, India. 1969. Rs. 20.00

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  • William Pepper Laboratory Department of Pathology School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104

This concise standard medical parasitology text book from India has two outstanding features: its illustrations and its unbelievably low price for a hardcover book of its size. There are 37 color plates and 144 black and white illustrations, considerably more than the sixth edition contained.

The text is divided into two sections with six chapters on protozoology and three chapters on helminthology. There is an appendix on diagnostic procedures for fecal, blood and tissue parasites, including cultural methods and procedures for obtaining biopsies. Another appendix deals with the treatment of parasitic infections, listing the drugs, dosages, and methods of administration. This is followed by an index.

This new edition incorporates new knowledge that has been gathered in the past few years about the importance of the so-called free-living amebae in the production of meningoencephalitis. A mention of the axenic cultivation of Entamoeba histolytica introduced by Diamond will not be out of place, this being quite a milestone in medical protozoology.