William Walter Cort


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  • Department of Medical Zoology Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C. 20012
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On 21 August 1971 Dr. W. W. Cort died at the age of 84 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This kind, gentle, modest, dignified and reserved man had a unique impact on medical and veterinary parasitology in this country.

There are only a few thoroughly integrated scientists and educators in contemporary life, and Will, as many of us were privileged to call him, was one of them. He excelled as a literary scholar, as a wise counsellor and as a research scientist who instinctively related to fundamental issues. Above all, he was a benign but firm teacher totally devoted to his students, to whom he would provide intellectual stimulation, encouragement, guidance and inspiration with just a few words spoken at the right time, always blended with an amiable smile. His drive, thoroughness and scientific objectivity were tempered by an authentic gentleness, which enabled him to contribute a fatherly understanding of those who were encountering difficulties, and by an eagerness to listen patiently to the problems of uninitiated investigators.