Separation of Dengue Strains on the Basis of a Nonstructural Antigen

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  • Department of Virus Diseases, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, D. C. 20012
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Intratypic variation of the nonstructural soluble complement-fixing (SCF) antigens of dengue-1 strains (Hawaii and TH-Sman) and dengue-2 strains (New Guinea C and TH-36) were examined by immunological and biophysical techniques. The SCF antigen of Hawaii could be separated from that of TH-Sman by subtle differences in CF cross reactions but by distinct differences in their relative mobilities when tested by disc-gel electrophoresis. SCF antigens of dengue-2 strains could not be distinguished by any of the methods used. We suggest that the SCF antigen is responsible for the strain variation observed in the two dengue-1 strains.