Failure to Find Cholera and Noncholera Vibrios in Diarrheal Disease in Mexico City, 1966–67

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  • Instituto de Salubridad y Enfermedades Tropicales, Hospital Infantil de México, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas, IPN, México 7, D. F.

During the years 1966 and 1967, in Mexico City, a search was made for Vibrio cholerae and noncholera vibrios in fecal specimens from 343 children and 40 adults suffering from diarrhea. The presence of agglutinins against these vibrios was also investigated in serum specimens from 730 persons. No vibrio strains were isolated. In a few cases, agglutinin titers of 1:160 or higher were found against noncholera vibrios, which could have been owing to cross reactions with agglutinins produced against other intestinal bacteria. No evidence was found of infection with cholera or noncholera vibrios.

Author Notes

Present address: Instituto de Salubridad y Enfermedades Tropicales.

Present address: Hospital Infantil de México, México 7, D. F.

Present address: Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas.