Dermatophytes: Their Recognition and Identification

Revised edition, by Gerbert Rebell and David Taplin, Department of Dermatology, University of Miami School of Medicine. vi + 124 pages, illustrated, paperbound. University of Miami Press, Coral Gables, Florida 33124. 1970. $4.95

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  • Mycology Section Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia 30333

To many, the identification of dermatophytes is extremely difficult, even frustrating. The publication of Dermatophytes: Their Recognition and Identification, by Rebell and Taplin, should greatly change this attitude.

This well designed laboratory manual for the isolation and identification of dermatophytes combines clearly outlined simple procedures with excellent diagrammatic sketches, numerous tables and keys, and remarkably beautiful and accurate color photographs. The book includes the common, as well as the rare and newly described species, and morphologically similar saprophytic fungi. Morphologic descriptions are given for the appearance of the dermatophyte species in tissue and in culture. Clearly illustrated are diagnostic structures found in the aleurosporic, as well as the sexual or perfect states, where known. Included also are other useful diagnostic measures such as: selective media for isolation, special media to induce sporulation, nutritional tests, and other physiological tests, where applicable. The manual provides important ancillary information concerning geographic distribution, host specificity, and modes of transmission and brief descriptions of clinical disease produced by the important species.