Sensitivity to Histoplasmin, Coccidioidin, Blastomycin, and Tuberculin in East Pakistan

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  • Institute of Post-Graduate Medicine and Research, Dacca-2, East Pakistan

Skin tests with tuberculin, histoplasmin, coccidioidin, and blastomycin were made on 2,572 patients in three institutions in Dacca, East Pakistan. Most (95.4%) of the patients tested were in two institutions for tuberculosis and other diseases of the chest. Of the total sample, 461 persons (17.92%) had positive reactions to histoplasmin, 98 of these being tuberculin negative. Positive reactions to coccidioidin and blastomycin were found in 32 persons, 1.2% of the total sample, and were probably due to cross reactions to histoplasmin. We concluded that none of the patients tested had blastomycosis or coccidioidomycosis; however that the rate for reactors to histoplasmin indicates that histoplasmosis is significantly prevalent in East Pakistan.