Volume 20 (1971): Issue 3 (May 1971)

Immunosuppression in Rodent Malaria
Effect upon Recovery and Antibody Response
Tuleniy Virus
A New Group B Arbovirus Isolated from Ixodes (Ceratixodes) putus Pick.-Camb. 1878 Collected on Tuleniy Island, Sea of Okhotsk
Phlebotomus Fever in Egypt
Isolation of Phlebotomus Fever Viruses from Phlebotomus papatasi
Changing Incidence of Fatal Tetanus of the Newborn
A Retrospective Study in a Defined Rural Haitian Population
Book Review
Diseases of Children in the Subtropics and Tropics
Second Edition, edited by D. B. Jelliffe, Director, Food and Nutrition Institute, Mona, Kingston. xx + 1,011 pages, illustrated. Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd., London; The Williams and Wilkins Co., 428 East Preston St., Baltimore, Maryland 21202. 1970. No price
Book Review
Health and Disease in Chad: Epidemiology, Culture, and Environment in Five Villages
by Alfred A. Buck, Robert I. Anderson, Tom T. Sasaki, and Kazuyoshi Kawata. The Johns Hopkins Monographs in International Health. xviii + 284 pages, illustrated. The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. 1970. $9.50
Book Review
Manual of Clinical Microbiology
edited by John E. Blair, Consultant in Microbiology, Hospital for Joint Diseases and Medical Center, Edwin H. Lennette, Chief, Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory, California State Department of Public Health, Berkeley, California, and Joseph P. Truant, Director of Microbiology, Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan. xvii + 727 pages, illustrated. The American Society for Microbiology, Bethesda, Maryland. 1970. $12.00
Book Review
Medical Mycology
Second Edition, by Chester W. Emmons, Chief (Retired), Medical Mycology Section, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, Maryland; Chapman H. Binford, Medical Director, Leonard Wood Foundation, Chief, Special Mycobacterial Diseases Branch, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D. C.; and John P. Utz, Chairman, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. v + 508 pages, illustrated. Lea and Febiger, Washington Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106. 1970. $16.50
Book Review
Trichinosis in Man and Animals
edited by S. E. Gould, President, International Commission on Trichinellosis. xiv + 540 pages, illustrated. Charles C Thomas, Publisher, 301–327 East Lawrence Avenue, Springfield, Illinois 62703. 1970. $44.50