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To the Editor:

The above letter is regrettable; a series of unsubstantiated and/or unwarranted allegations and innuendoes couched in polemic prose is beneath the level of this or any scientific journal. Its publication, however, requires a specific reply.

The writer (paragraph 3) states that “the first evident fact is that nobody seems to have checked the manuscript.” As he could have known by reading the introduction and references the greater portion of 8 of the 13 short chapters had been previously published as original research articles. Presumably the referees and Editors of the Am. J. Trop. Med. & Hyg., the Trans. Roy. Soc. Trop. Med. & Hyg., the Bull. World Health Organ., and the J. Trop. Med. checked the sections that appeared therein. I can assure the writer that my co-authors (Dr. I. Kagan, B. E. Henderson, J. Davies, P. Mazzoni, and M. Aden) checked their sections.