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Aide-Mémoire de Détermination Bactérienne, R. G. Capet, Professeur-Assistant de Microbiologie de l'Université de Montréal, Canada. 135 pages, paperbound. Vigot Frères, Editeurs, 23, rue de l'Ecole de Médicine, Paris 6e, France. 1970. No price.

Bibliography of Ticks and Tickborne Diseases from Homer (About 800 B.C.) to 31 December 1969, Volume One, by Harry Hoogstraal. 499 pages, paperbound. Special Publication, United States Naval Medical Research Unit Number Three, Cairo, Egypt, U.A.R. 1970. No price.

The Coccidian Parasites (Protozoa, Sporozoa) of Ruminants, Illinois Biological Monographs, No. 44, by Norman D. Levine and Virginia Ivens. 279 pages, illustrated, paperbound. University of Illinois Press, Urbana, Illinois 61801. 1970. $8.50.

Health and Disease in Chad: Epidemiology, Culture, and Environment in Five Villages, by Alfred A. Buck, Robert I. Anderson, Tom T. Sasaki, and Kazuyoshi Kawata. The Johns Hopkins Monographs in International Health. xviii + 284 pages, illustrated. The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. 1970. $9.50.

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