Bat Parainfluenza Virus

Immunological, Chemical, and Physical Properties

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  • Department of Virology and Epidemiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Virus Research Centre, Houston, Texas 77025, India

A paramyxovirus isolated from a fruit-eating bat, Rousettus leschenaulti, was identified as a new animal virus within the parainfluenza type-2 group. The RNA-containing virus is pleomorphic, 90 to 120 mµ in size, and has a 16 mµ inner ribonucleoprotein helix. It is susceptible to lipid solvents, hemagglutinates mammalian or avian cells, is heat and acid labile, and contains a receptor-destroying enzyme. Serologically, the virus was proved to be related to, but distinct from, SV41.