The “MIF” Stain-Preservation Technic for the Identification of Intestinal Protozoa

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  • U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit #3, Cairo, Egypt
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A simple, stain-preservative solution for intestinal protozoa is described. Its use permits busy clinical laboratories to achieve highly accurate stool diagnoses with far less time and technical complexity than is ordinarily required by methods presently in use. A further use is that, if local laboratory diagnostic facilities are not available or if diagnosis is in doubt, fecal specimens may be mailed to a central laboratory for diagnosis or for confirmation of presumptive diagnosis. The technic extends the possibility of satisfactory stool diagnosis to other than the relatively few laboratories in which time and technical expertness permit the very definite advantage of employing all of the known technics for identification of intestinal protozoa.

Author Notes

Department of Protozoology, U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3, Cairo, Egypt.

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