Ground Equipment and Insecticides for Mosquito Control

edited by E. F. Knipling—C. T. Williamson, Business Manager, Yapank, New York, Bulletin No. 2, American Mosquito Control Association, Inc., 1952. 116 pp. Price $2.00

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The American Mosquito Control Association has come forth with another important aid to medical men, engineers and public health workers in general. This AMCA Bulletin No. 2 and its companion Bulletin No. 1, The Use of Aircraft in the Control of Mosquitoes, will help all those engaged in public health work to answer many perplexing problems connected with the selection and use of equipment and insecticides. These contributions are not limited in usefulness to mosquito control but are applicable to many other problems in the field of public health. The discussion of the characteristics and principles of dispersion of insecticides and the classification of sprays and dusts by particle size clears up many of the misconceptions, and should tend to check the present loose usages of terms.

Equipment of various types for dispersing insecticides, including hand atomizers and dusters, blower equipment, aerosol devices and hydraulic pumps are described and illustrated.