Vol. 1 of Handbuch der Inneren Medizin, 4th Edition; edited by G. v. Bergmann, W. Frey and H. Schwiegk; in 2 parts: part 1, pp. 1536 with 417 illustrations, some in color; part 2, pp. 1225 with 293 illustrations, some in color. Cloth. West Berlin w. 35, Springer-Verlag (Reichpietschufer, 20), 1952. Price DM 374; by subscription, DM 299

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A collection of excellent monographs makes up the volume on infectious diseases of the fourth edition of the Handbuch der Inneren Medizin. The arrangement of each follows the pattern set by German texts—definition, history, causative agent, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and this is followed by a thorough description of the clinical and autopsy findings, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Each brings together the knowledge of diagnosis and treatment that has accrued during the past twelve years. The international literature has been carefully and critically analyzed by experts, and there are a great many references. For example, the list of references for the chapter on brucellosis covers twelve pages of close printing. The progress in the field of infectious diseases is accommodated by an expansion in the size of this edition. A very useful author index covers 170 pages and the subject index requires 45. The individual monographs will serve as a means of quick orientation and valuable reference.