Médecine Tropicale

dans la Collection Médico-chirurgicale a révision annuelle (Directeur général: Pasteur Vallery-Radot), par Marcel Vaucel, Inspecteur Général des Instituts Pasteur d'Outre-Mer, ancien directeur du Service de Santé au Ministère de la France d'outre-Mer., avec 14 collaborateurs. Deux volumes à reliure mobile, 1968 pp., 243 figures, 5 planches hors-texte en couleurs. Paris—VIe, France. Éditions Médicales Flammarion, 22, rue de Vaugirard. Prix (2 vols.), Fr. francs 12,000. 1952

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This text on Tropical Medicine is of special interest for the following reasons: it is new; it is a collaborative enterprise on the part of an experienced leader in tropical medicine and fourteen specialists in particular areas of the field, and it is loose-leaf-bound, providing opportunity for annual revision.

Volume I is divided into three parts, viz., helminthic infections (pp. 9–352), protozoan infections (pp. 355–828) and spirochetoses (pp. 831–947). Volume II includes virus infections (pp. 959–1138), rickettsioses (pp. 1141–1226), bartonellosis (pp. 1229–1242), bacterial diseases (pp. 1245–1547), mycoses (pp. 1551–1592), avitaminoses (pp. 1595–1725), diseases due to arthropods (pp. 1729–1736), myiasis (pp. 1739–1748), diseases of diverse etiology (pp. 1751–1814), poisoning caused by animals (pp. 1817–1850), and by plants (pp. 1853–1889), effects of tropical climate (pp. 1893–1906), and a subject index (pp. 1909–1932). Each chapter is provided with a bibliography. A Table of Contents for Volume I is placed at the end of the volume and a combined Table of Contents for both volumes at the end of Volume II.