Comparison of Formation of Granulomata around Eggs of Schistosoma Mansoni in the Mouse, Guinea Pig, Rat, and Hamster

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  • Departments of Preventive Medicine and Medicine, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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A model of the immunopathology of the granulomatous response to Schistosoma mansoni eggs (a form of delayed hypersensitivity) has been established in the mouse. For certain types of investigation of granuloma formation, however, other species of laboratory animals may be preferable. Thus eggs of S. mansoni were injected into the microvasculature of the lungs of rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters as well as mice. The response of the rodents was temporally and qualitatively similar, although the lesions differed in size.

Author Notes

On leave from the Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, United Arab Republic.

Holder of USPHS Career Development Award AI 08163-03.