Hookworm Infection in a Rural Kentucky County

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  • Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky, Somerset Community College, Lexington, Kentucky

The prevalence of intestinal helminths was studied in students enrolled in the upper elementary grades in McCreary County, Kentucky in 1968. The over-all rate was 22.1% of those submitting specimens. Hookworm was the most common parasite found. occurring in 14.8% of the specimens. Class rates ranged as high as 53.8% for all parasites and 36.4% for hookworm. Of those with a previous history of “worms,” 31.0% were positive for helminths on examination of a single specimen. The rate for those having a city water supply for the home was one-half that for those who did not. The rate for those with an indoor toilet was one-third the rate for those without an indoor toilet. The water source and type of toilet appear to be of even greater importance in the case of hookworm infection.