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  • Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, Montana 59840

To save others possibly repeating tedious search, often in unavailable publications, as well as considerable correspondence, I am offering the following information on three important items of rickettsial nomenclature.

  1. 1.The name Rickettsia prowazekii da Rocha Lima was used in Bergey's Manual, 7th ed. (1957) following both the recommendations in the Bacteriological Code, and the original spelling of the describer. Considerable confusion resulted when many continued to use the specific epithet with a single “i.” I am indebted to Dr. Fritz Weyer of Hamburg for supporting his plea not to insist on the more awkward original spelling which, he pointed out, occurred only in a short preliminary note in Berl. Klin. Wschr., 53: 567–569, 22 May 1916, following soon after the describer's presentation of a paper at Kriegspathologie Tagung, Berlin, 26 April 1916. In his first adequate description of the organism in the same year in Zentralbl. Allg. Path., 27 Beiheft, pp. 45-55 (date of issue not now determinable but undoubtedly after the preceding) and in all subsequent publications, da Rocha Lima himself reverted to the use of the single “i.”