Manual for the Microscopic Diagnosis of Malaria

Third Edition, Scientific Publication No. 161, prepared by Dr. A. J. Walker, consultant in Parasitology, Malaria Eradication Program (PAHO/WHO). v + 117 pages, illustrated, softbound. Pan American Health Organization, Pan American Sanitary Bureau, Regional Office of the World Health Organization, 525 Twenty-third St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 20037. 1968. No price

Dorothy M. MelvinU. S. Public Health Service National Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30333

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The third edition of this manual is essentially the same as the second edition with only a few minor changes in wording and a better arrangement of the illustrations and footnotes in relation to the text material. As stated in the introduction, the manual is specifically designed for use by laboratory personnel in malaria-eradication programs. The information is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the laboratory operations in some detail, and is appropriate and satisfactory for its intended purpose. As in previous editions, however, the morphologic characteristics of organisms in stained blood films are described only briefly, and these descriptions may not be adequate for the beginner. Supplemental references would be necessary.

The manual is a valuable training and reference aid for anyone concerned with the laboratory operations in malaria-eradication programs. In addition, much of the information, especially the sections on rapid staining procedures and restaining of faded or lightly stained smears, will be useful to technologists in medical and public-health laboratories.