Topical Diethylcarbamazine in the Treatment of Ocular Onchocerciasis

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  • Department of Ophthalmology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the City University of New York, Fifth Avenue and 100th Street, New York, N. Y. 10029

An ophthalmic preparation of diethylcarbamazine may be a useful addition to presently available methods of treating onchocerciasis. Studies in animals showed good penetration of such a preparation into the anterior segment of the eye, that portion that is most commonly affected by the disease. No toxicity to the eye was found during an 8-week period of sustained local treatment of rabbits with the agent. We recommend appropriate field trials to assess the toxicity, the therapeutic efficacy, and the prophylactic uses of an ophthalmic preparation of diethylcarbamazine.

Author Notes

On leave from Tel-Hashomer Hospital, Israel.