Effect of Ingested Garlic on Necator Americanus and Ancylostoma Caninum

Gregorio J. BastidasDepartment of Parasitology, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

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A man weighing 80 kg and infected with Necator americanus and a young dog weighing 10 kg and infected with Ancylostoma caninum were given known quantities of raw garlic mixed with the food for periods of 5 days. Ingestion of 9 to 14 g daily (54 g total) or 15 to 21 g daily (89 g total) had no evident effect on the output of eggs by Necator. Similarly, ingestion of 7 to 10 g daily (46 g total) had no evident effect on the rate of egg production by Ancylostoma. However, there was a significant reduction in the number of larvae of both species developing in fecal cultures made during the period of garlic ingestion. Normal levels were observed within 2 days after termination of intake of garlic. Dead eggs in various stages of development were found in the cultures.

Author Notes

Present address: Division de Anquilostomiasis y Otras Helmintiasis, Ministerio de Sanidad y Asistencia Social, Maracay, Venezuela.