New Aspects of Human Genetics: British Medical Bulletin, Volume 25, Number 1

edited by C. E. Ford and Harry Harris. i + 118 pages. The Medical Department, the British Council, London. 1969. $6.50

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  • Department of Biostatistics and Pathology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

This volume of the British Medical Bulletin contains an introduction by L. S. Penrose and 16 articles in the various areas of human genetics—biochemical, biometrical, and cytogenetic.

In the first paper Harry Harris discusses the occurrence and reasons for polymorphisms in man, and then subsequent papers consider particular polymorphisms in more detail. H. Lehmann and R. W. Carrell describe the variants of human hemoglobin, paying attention to the three-dimensional structure. D. J. Weatherall considers the genetics of thalassemia, which is concerned with the rate of synthesis of globin chains. W. T. J. Morgan and Winifred M. Watkins describe in some detail the biochemistry of the formation of blood-group substances. There follows a group of three papers of a somewhat more clinical nature: Charles R. Scriver gives a brief overview of inborn errors of amino-acid metabolism; then D. C. Cusworth and C. E. Dent discuss homocystinuria and Geoffrey Dean discusses the porphyrias.