Anopheline Mosquitoes of Malaya and Borneo, Studies from the Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia, No. 31

by J. A. Reid. xiii + 520 pages, illustrated, $10.00 paperbound. The Government of Malaysia, 1968. $15.00, hardbound

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  • Department of Tropical Public Health Harvard School of Public Health, 665 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02115
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Publications describing a restricted insect fauna of a defined region generally are intended for entomologically sophisticated readers and have a limited content. However, Anopheline Mosquitoes of Malaya and Borneo does not fit this pattern. It covers a wide spectrum of subject matter and appears to be written for the layman. The book also departs from the traditional format in its informal prose style; much of the writing is leisurely, and documentation is occasionally incomplete.

Between the covers of this volume may be found answers to most questions that Malaysian or Bornean health officers might reasonably ask concerning the Anophelines of their territories. “What are the names of the structures visible on a given specimen?” “How does one name that specimen?” “What does the designation of species imply?” “What factors influence vectorial capacity?” “How does one determine the vectorial capacity of a given Anopheline?”