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7 APRIL 1969

To the Editor:

I write at this time to raise with you the question of the responsibility of an editor for the contents of a book review published in the journal which he edits.

This matter arises à propos of the review of: Infectious Blood Diseases of Man and Animals. Diseases Caused by Protista, Volume I, Special Topics and General Characteristics, published in the January 1969 issue of The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. The book contains contributions by 19 authors and is edited by me and Dr. Miodrag Ristic.

The readers of The American Journal have a right to expect that reviews offered to them are dispassionate evaluations written in literate terms by an informed person who has read the book in question.

The review by Dr. Franklin Neva is none of these. It is a display of “excessive criticism” (Neva's phrase) and it is not wholly literate.