Recovery of Dengue-4 Viruses from Mosquito Vectors and Patients during an Epidemic of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

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  • Medical Research Laboratory, SEATO Medical Project, Rajavithi Road, Bangkok, Thailand
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Attempts were made to recover viruses from patients and mosquitoes during an epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever on an island in the Gulf of Thailand in 1967. LLC-MK2 cell cultures were used for isolation, and identification was done by plaque-reduction neutralization tests. Aedes mosquitoes were collected resting indoors and biting outdoors. Ten strains of dengue-4 were recovered from patients' serum. Nineteen strains of dengue-4 were recovered from pools of Aedes aegypti and 10 strains from pools of Aedes albopictus. The results suggest that both species were acting as vectors of dengue-4.

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Alternate address: SEATO Medical Project, U. S. Component, APO San Francisco 96346.