Mosquito Vectors of Dengue Viruses in South Vietnam

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  • Medical Research Laboratory, SEATO Medical Project, Rajavithi Road, Institute Pasteur, Bangkok, Thailand
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Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes collected in and near Saigon, South Vietnam, during May through December 1967 were tested for arboviruses in LLC-MK2 cell cultures and suckling mice. Thirty strains of dengue viruses were recovered from 46,862 A. aegypti collected in or near homes of patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever. All four dengue serotypes were recovered, with dengue-2 predominating. High infection rates were noted among A. aegypti in some areas, and multiple virus recoveries from the same area occurred frequently. No viruses were recovered from 8,006 Aedes albopictus tested.

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Alternate address: SEATO Medical Project, U. S. Component, APO San Francisco 96346.