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To the Editor:

An article published recently in the Journal (July 1968) prompts me to write to you about the designation of strains of Plasmodium. In her article, “Active immunization of mice against Plasmodium berghei: cross-resistance to a recently isolated strain” (this Journal, 17: 516–521), Dr. Margaret L. Weiss specifies the plasmodial strains used in her experiments. She speaks of a strain, newly isolated after cyclic transmission through Anopheles stephensi and baby hamsters, which she obtained from the University of Illinois, Urbana, and which she designates as the UG strain (Urbana gametocyte strain).

It was with astonishment that I read of the renaming and redesignation of this well-established and well-known strain of Plasmodium berghei. This strain, employed by research workers at the University of Illinois, is the N.K. 65 strain and was obtained from our laboratory. The strain was originally isolated from wild Anopheles dureni captured in the Kisanga forest gallery (Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo) and maintained in our department by cyclic transmission.

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