Investigations of an Outbreak of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis in Towns of Eastern Venezuela

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  • Departamento de Virología, nstituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Dirección de Malariología y Saneamiento Ambiental, (IVIC) Apartado 1827, Caracas, Venezuela
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An outbreak of Venezuelan equine encephalitis in towns of Estado Bolívar, in southeastern Venezuela, was investigated. VEE virus could be isolated from patients, sentinel baby mice exposed in houses with patients, and baby mice exposed to a mixed lot of 35 A. aegypti and C. quinquefasciatus collected in houses with patients. Laboratory-reared A. aegypti but not C. quinquefasciatus transmitted VEE virus to baby mice after feeding on the senior author, who contracted VEE during this investigation in the laboratory. Similarly, A. aegypti but not C. quinquefasciatus transmitted readily VEE virus from baby mice to baby mice. It is assumed that A. aegypti could play a role in the transmission of VEE virus in urban areas.