Treatment of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis with Cycloguanil Pamoate

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  • U. S. Army Medical Research Unit Component, Middle America Research Unit, Office of the Chief Surgeon, Hq. U. S. Army Forces Southern Command, Box 2011, Balboa Heights
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Twenty cases of American Cutaneous leishmaniasis were treated with intramuscular injection of 2.5 ml cycloguanil pamoate (Camolar®). Improvement was observed in all cases, and complete clinical and parasitologic cure was obtained in 16 (80%), although the healing response was often delayed, and viable parasites were demonstrated up to 15 weeks after injection of the drug. Second injections were necessary in nine patients, and one received a third injection. In three of the four failures of treatment there had been prior unsuccessful treatment with other drugs. No adverse reactions to the drug were encountered, and cycloguanil pamoate effected dramatic reduction in lost-duty time and hospital costs compared with patients treated with antimonials.

Author Notes

Present address: Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota 55901.