Dual Infections of Aedes Aegypti with Arboviruses

I. Arboviruses That Have No Apparent Cytopathic Effect in the Mosquito

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  • Department of Microbiology, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, Canberra, A.C.T., Australia


Chick-embryo fibroblasts inoculated with West Nile virus produce interferon at 27°C, but at slower rates and to lower titers than at 37°C. The virus replicates more slowly but to higher titers at 27°C than at 37°C.

Aedes aegypti dually infected with various combinations of Sindbis, Semliki Forest, West Nile, and Murray Valley encephalitis viruses at varying time intervals supported the replication of both viruses to titers equivalent to singly infected control mosquitoes, and transmitted both viruses simultaneously at undiminished rates.

The infection of A. aegypti with dengue-2 virus either before or after infection with MVE virus in no way interfered with the replication and transmission of the latter virus, but technical limitations precluded the detection of dengue-2 virus in the presence of MVE virus.

No evidence of viral interference was found in A. aegypti dually infected with arboviruses.

Author Notes

Present address: Department of Bacteriology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.