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Progress in Medical Virology, Volume 9, edited by J. L. Melnick, Houston, Texas. xiv + 496 pages, illustrated. S. Karger Ag Basel, New York. (Distributed in USA by Albert J. Phiebig, P. O. Box 352, White Plains, New York 10602.) 1967. $21.10.

The Ecology of Malnutrition in Northern Africa, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spanish Sahara, and Ifni, Mauritania. Studies in Medical Geography, Volume 7, by Jacques M. May, M.D. xv + 275 pages, illustrated. Hafner Publishing Company. New York and London. 1967. $11.50.

Evaluation of Drugs for Tropical Diseases, Proceedings of a Symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, 17th February, 1967, edited by C. Wilcocks and E. L. Harris. ix + 95 pages, illustrated. Association of Medical Advisors in the Pharmaceutical Industry, London. 1967. 22/6d.

The Biology of the Striped Skunk, by B. J. Verts. vii + 218 pages, illustrated. University of Illinois Press, Urbana, Chicago, and London. 1967. $7.95.

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