Arbovirus Studies in Bush Bush Forest, Trinidad, W. I., September 1959–December 1964

III. Entomologic Studies

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  • University of the West Indies, Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory, P. O. Box 164, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
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Bush Bush Forest entomologic investigations were concerned mainly with mosquitoes, the most conspicuous element of the bloodsucking arthropod fauna. More than 92 species were demonstrated, but only about two dozen were common. Mosquitoes were studied in relation to their physical environment, seasonal activity, diel activity, horizontal stratification in the forest, food preferences, and larval habitats. Large numbers were collected for virus studies.

Other groups investigated were phlebotomine flies (10 species), Culicoides flies (10 species), horseflies (18 species), Cuterebridae (one species), sucking lice (four species), fleas (one species), ticks (nine species), and various mites including 15 species of trombiculid.