Malaria in Tanzania

by David F. Clyde, B.A., M.D., Ch.M., Ph.D., D.T.M. & H., Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Senior Consultant (Epidemiology), Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tansania; Member, Expert Advisory Panel on Malaria, World Health Organization. xi + 167 pages, illustrated. Oxford University Press, London, New York, and Toronto. 1967. $5.60

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  • Department of Tropical Medicine and Public Health School of Medicine Tulane University, 1430 Tulane Avenue New Orleans, Lousiana 70112
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Tanzania, previously Tanganyika Territory and German East Africa, has a long history of research in malaria going back to German times. The author of Malaria in Tanzania is well qualified to describe both the past and the present state of malaria in Tanzania since he has done much research himself into the archives and has worked since 1952 on malaria in the country.

This book gives an account of the present state of malaria in all its aspects in the many ecologic zones in the country. The epidemiology and entomology of the disease in each area are described in detail, and the results of past and present methods of control described.

Much interesting detail of the immunology of malaria is given. Many experiments of mass chemoprophylaxis are described, and there is a good account of the present state of drug resistance in the country.

Many excellentmaps and tablesof epidemiologic data are included.