Restan Virus, a New Group C Arbovirus from Trinidad and Surinam


Restan virus is a new serotype of arbovirus group C that has been isolated seven times in Trinidad and Surinam during 1963 and 1964. Three strains were recovered from Culex spp. and four from acutely ill human beings. The new agent is related most closely to Marituba and Murutucu viruses, from which it is distinguishable only in hemagglutination-inhibition test. It circulates to high titer in laboratory-colonized rodents of the species Zygodontomys b. brevicauda and Oryzomys laticeps velutinus. In the laboratory it has been transmitted by Aedes aegypti. Results of serum surveys are reported.

Author Notes

University of the West Indies, Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory, P.O. Box 164, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Laboratorium voor Medische Microbiologie der Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden, Netherlands.

Belém Virus Laboratory of the Evandro Chagas Institute, Belém, Brazil.