The Isolation of Rickettsia Prowazeki and Mooseri from Unusual Sources

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  • Imperial Central Laboratory and Research Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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A strain of Rickettsia prowazeki (ZRS) was isolated from a pool of larvae and nymphs of Hyalomma sp. nr. truncatum picked off cattle in Nazareth (Ethiopia). R. mooseri was isolated from adult Hyalomma ticks taken off cattle in the same locality.

Body lice from two hospitalized cases of “typhus” which originated from the Godjam region (Ethiopia) where an outbreak was in progress, provided two unexpected isolates of R. mooseri. It cannot be asserted that these had become biologically adapted to louse transmission.

Author Notes

Torino, Galileo Ferraris 104, Italy.

On invitation from the Ethiopian Ministry of Public Health.