A Comparison of the Neutralization Ability of a Heterologous vs. Homologous Coral Snake (Micrurus Fulvius) Venom

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  • Pathology Division, U.S. Army Medical Research Laboratory, Fort Knox, Kentucky
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Micrurus fulvius antivenin experimentally produced in rabbits was compared with a commercial product prepared from M. corallinus and M. frontalis venom in neutralizing M. fulvius venom. One hundred mg of both the experimentally produced antivenin and the commercial product neutralized 80 LD50 in 18- to 20-g Swiss mice.

Due to the scarcity of M. fulvius venom, the use of venoms from more accessible species of coral snakes seems a possible solution in the production of M. fulvius antivenin.

The use of commercial antivenin produced from venom from species of South American coral snakes would appear to be strongly indicated in the treatment of envenomation by M. fulvius.

Author Notes

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