Observations on the Agglutination Phenomenon of Microfilariae of Loa Loa in Citrated Blood

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  • Israel Davidsohn Department of Pathology, Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois


“Medusa-head” agglutination phenomenon was for the first time observed, reproduced and recorded in vitro in citrated blood of a case of Loa loa which exhibited a low microfilaremia. These microfilariae were oriented tail in and head out to the configuration. Within the clump the posterior end of each microfilaria was bent sharply toward the anterior and against the body of the parasite.

No definite conclusions could be drawn from these observations but the posterior bending and attachment at this site suggest either a specific physical-chemical attraction or a possible antigen-antibody reaction of this portion of the microfilaria to the attached fibrin mat, to the exclusion of other areas of the organism.

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